Readiness for Camp! Checklist

Readiness for Camp! Checklist

You, as a parent/guardian/grandparent/friend, want the best experience for your child. That’s what we at Camp Winnarainbow
want as well!

This Questionnaire can be used to determine how ready your child is for camp. The questions cover general skills that will help your child enjoy their camp experience. After you answer the questions look at the areas where there is a “no” and assess if that might affect their enjoyment of Camp Winnarainbow. A “no” does not necessarily mean that they are not ready—it might mean that they are going to learn some new skills! Our philosophy is to work with every child to turn “no” into a YES!

  • My child is able to choose and put on his/her own clothes.
  • My child is able to brush their teeth and get clean without a lot of prompting.
  • My child has taken a shower by his/herself or with a little help.
  • My child generally sleeps through the night or can be comforted back to sleep if they wake up.
  • My child agreeably wears clothing that fits the weather.
  • My child is able to ask for help when he or she has a problem at home or in school.
  • My child usually listens to my requests and follow rules in our household.
  • My child has successfully slept over at a relatives’ and/or friends  house.
  • My child goes to school or other community activities with reasonable ease.
  • My child is able to express his or her feelings or concerns in words reasonably well.

Adapted from “Ready, Set, Go” by Bob Ditter.
Included with permission of the author, Bob Ditter

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