Safety & Health

Safety & Health

The health, safety and wellbeing of our campers is paramount at Camp Winnarainbow. Before the first camper arrives our equipment, grounds, and kitchen undergo health and safety inspections to ensure all aspects of camp life support each camper’s wellbeing. Our camp is also accredited by the American Camp Association whose review criteria require Camp Winnarainbow meet the highest standards.

There is a registered nurse on duty 24 hours a day. During registration every parent has an opportunity to meet with a nurse to review their child’s health information. The Nurse on duty will contact you if any concern about your camper’s health arises during the session.

On registration day you will also have the opportunity to speak to your child’s counselor (or if you are dropping them off at the bus you can speak to the check-in person there who will write the information down) to let us know how we can best support him or her. We also ask that you tell us about your child on the Camper Information Sheet which is a part of our registration packet. These are read by your child’s counselors on Registration Day as they are preparing for your arrival.

On the first day of camp each camper goes through a “falling” class which teaches them how to safely engage in certain circus skills. The entire camp participates in daily warm ups to get our bodies physically ready for classes, which helps reduce the risk of injury as well.

All of the staff attend yearly training which includes workshops and curriculum regarding health, safety, and camper wellbeing. Our instructors of circus skills are experienced in teaching these skills to children, and they employ appropriate safety techniques.

In camp each tipi is equipped with a basic first aid kit and the majority of our counselors and teen staff are certified in first-aid and CPR. There is an infirmary, known as the “Nurses Dome”, conveniently located next to the tipi circle. At the Nurses Dome campers can get a band aid for a scrape, ice for a bump, or emergency bug spray to ward off mosquitos. If your camper should have daily medication and/or vitamins, there is a fully secured area where we store camper’s meds, which are dispensed by the nurse according to doctor’s orders.

In case of emergency the Nurse is able to provide first aid and treatment. We are minutes away from the local medical clinic where our Medical Director, Dr. Sharon Paltin, is an attending doctor.

When we asked our parents what was most important about camp from a parent’s point of view one of the number one answers was HEALTH AND SAFETY! We want to let you know that this is one of our main priorities as well – we take care of safety first so we can get to the FUN!