Teen Camp Experience

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Running simultaneously with Session E of Kids Camp, Teen Campers sleep in tipis, enjoy the amazing meals and facility that we provide for all our campers and are an important part of our camp community. In addition to Teen Camp's unique programing developed for young adults, campers will also have the opportunity to be "kids" at camp. They'll walk on stilts, learn skills and trapeze, swim in a lake, have free time and much more! Ages 15 - 17.  

Teen Camp Session
Two Weeks: Monday, August 6—Saturday, August 18, 2018

Teen Camp is a Full 2 Week Session!

Besides BIG FUN Teen Camp emphasizes the teen community sharing their backgrounds, experiences, perspectives and cultures through art, performance, dance, workshops, eating and laughing and living together. They do this within their own Teen Camp community and with the larger Kids Camp community as well. We as camp professionals want to join with you and your young adult in preparing for their future. The programming and daily structure of Teen Camp is based on the knowledge that youth benefit from experiences of empowerment, creative activities, responsibility and encouragement. 

Leadership Training Focus

We see Camp Winnarainbow as a way to help provide a training ground for a world that works. We believe the best way we can have a positive effect on the future is to provide a place where the rainbow of children who are tomorrow’s adults can meet, work and play together. Once you have played and imagined together, someone you may have seen as “other” just isn’t anymore. In our 42 years of experience we know that this process works and have seen the profound effect it has on staff, parents, children who come to Camp Winnarainbow. As Wavy says, “It truly gives us nostalgia for the future.” Woven in to the daily camp schedule Teen Campers are offered workshops and experiential opportunities to enhance their leadership and community building skills.

Menu of Possible Activities (Teen Camp programming is unique each year)

  • Morning classes with the whole camp community (see Kids Camp Experience for a list of classes)
  • Theater of the Oppressed
  • Workshops on self and community
  • Group Challenges
  • Journal Making and Daily Entries
  • Hikes & Natural Habitat Studies
  • Trust Games & Team Building
  • Astronomy and Star Gazing
  • laughing, meeting good friends, enjoying the lazy days of summer, growing your community, looking toward the future while running away to the circus and staying up past Kids Camp bedtime with your Counselors eating snacks and hanging out! What could be better than that?

Who Should Attend?

From outspoken performers to shy, introspective individuals, Teen Camp is suitable for any young adult aged 15 to 17 who wishes to attend!