What's New from Camp
  • Our 2016 Scholarship FUN-d Raising Campaign for the Grace and Joy Scholarship program is continuing. YOUR DONATION WILL DIRECTLY FUND A KID IN CAMP!
  • We are having so much fun with your amazing kids...such strong and creative leaders.
  • New sweatshirts, sports bags and tshirt designs. Available at every show and supports the scholarship fund.


Check out our newest video on the meals page  produced by Jordan Romney, Session A 2016!

Join Wavy's FUN-d raiser for the 2016 Grace and Joy Scholarship Fund and your hard earned dollars will directly give kids the Camp Winnarainbow amazing camp experience...including seeing their food from Irene's Garden to their table like in the video above!  Any amount welcome. Help us meet our 2016 goal!

Ready for the TIME OF YOUR LIFE?

Share our 41st year with us!

Stilts, trapeze, drama, juggling, unicycle, martial arts, swimming, singing, dancing, hot cocoa, the labyrinth, hanging out and much, much more!

With a song in our hearts

Evening circle, Downtown CampChoose Camp Winnarainbow this summer and explore nature, enhance your creativity, begin lifelong friendships, and have BIG FUN. For over 40 years, kids (and adults) have run away to join our circus in the rolling foothills of beautiful Mendocino County in Northern California. Drawing from our knowledge of circus and performing arts, our well trained staff teaches timing, balance and as our founder Wavy Gravy says,

“Survival in the 21st century 
or how to duck with a sense of humor.”

Camp Winnarainbow’s philosophy helps prepare campers to reach for the stars! We would love to have you join our community!

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