Prepare for Camp

Remember, we are here for you! Please call our office anytime during business hours with any questions, thoughts, asking for resources and advice.

Talking To Your Kid About Camp

Sending your child to camp is an experience that you can share together. Campers may feel excitement about the summer, as well as some level of nervousness and/or anxiety. These emotions are normal and healthy reactions. Please prepare your child for camp with words of encouragement, and by giving them clear expectations of the camp experience. The things you tell your child before they leave for camp often affect how they adjust to being away from home.

Here are a few helpful things to say:

  • “Let’s look at what the staff of Winnarainbow has planned to keep the whole community safe this summer.”
  • “Camp Winnarainbow knows how to contact me if they need to.”
  • “I love you and I’m really happy that you will be having this wonderful experience.”
  • “I know you’ll do great at camp. It’s okay to miss me. Let’s make sure you take your favorite _____ so you have a piece of home at Camp”

Here are a few things that are NOT helpful to say:

  • “I’ll pick you up early if you get too homesick.”
  • “Just try a couple of days and see how you like it.”
  • “You have to go to camp because I need a vacation.”
  • “You can call me anytime.”

Packing List

Please pack with your camper to ensure they are prepared. Send enough sturdy, well marked, washable clothing to last for the Camp session. We recommend that you label items with labels or a laundry marker.

Please do not send anything that is expensive, valuable, or especially sentimental. We work hard to make sure that all belongings are kept with your camper and also realize that keeping ahold of belongings is a life skill that some campers are still learning. We cannot guarantee that unlabelled items will not be lost;. We have lost and found staff who work throughout the session to return items left around Camp, and host a Lost and Found Fashion Show on the last day of camp. Unclaimed items will be available for you to view as you pick up your camper as well. All lost and found that is not claimed is donated to shelters for houseless people.

Campers are welcome to bring musical instruments to camp, however we cannot assume responsibility for breakage of valuable items brought to Camp.

What To Expect On Registration Day

When you arrive at Camp at your scheduled time you’ll be directed to the Camp Office, where you’ll be supported in how to complete your camper’s registration.

  1. Medical Check-In: Our Medical staff will go over your medical forms and collect information about any camper medications or special needs. All medications need to be in the ORIGINAL BOTTLE FROM THE PHARMACY THAT INCLUDES THE DIRECTIONS OF ADMINISTRATION. Do not put medications in daily administration packs. We will perform a quick verbal check about how your camper is feeling according to COVID and flu/wellness checks.
  2. Lice Check: there can absolutely be no lice in camp due to our close living quarters. If lice or nits are found on your camper’s head, the camp director will work with your family to make a plan for you to leave Camp, deal with the nits/lice and possibly return to Camp. Please check your campers prior to Camp to ensure they are lice free. There is no refund due to a case of Lice.
  3. Registration: after Campers have met with our Medical people we will check your camper in. This includes:
    1. Finding our what tipi your camper is in,
    2. Creating a name tag for your camper, including their pronouns,
    3. Double checking the names and contact for any adult who is authorized to pick up your camper from camp,
    4. Processing any money you want to apply to your camper’s store account,
    5. Answering any other questions.
  4. Head into Camp! Teen Staff will meet you at the entrance of Camp and escort your camper to their tipi to meet their counselors and tipi community! Your camper’s counselors will be there to greet your camper and settle them in.

Your camper’s counselors, the Director and the Camper Advocates will have read the Camper Information Sheets prior to your Camper’s arrival to hear from you all of your thoughts, story and any concerns regarding your Camper. Your Camper’s Story is important to us.

Please reach out to us with your questions and concerns. Please use the App to keep connected.

Mail and Communication at Camp

We know that staying in touch with your child is important to you, just as hearing from home is important to your camper. There are several ways you can be in touch while they are at camp

Letters and Packages

Write your child some letters! You can leave them in the office on the first day of camp to be distributed throughout the session, or mail them within the first couple days of camp. Mail is not distributed to campers on weekend days.


You can send a letter via email to We will print it & distribute it along with the mail. Please keep your emails to 1 page, as ink & paper are limited at Camp.


Join the fun and stay up-to-date with your child’s experience at Camp by downloading the Winnarainbow App!

App Features include:

  • Newsfeed with news, photos, and updates of Camp activities
  • Targeted push notifications for your specific Camp session(s)
  • Photo albums: save and share photos right from the app!
  • Calendar of activities with save-to-calendar feature to make it easy to
  • remember what’s happening at Camp!
  • Contact Camp Winnarainbow staff via phone or email right from the app

Download here: For iPhones | For Androids

Mail Delivery Schedule

Due to COVID we are not sure about our regular mail timelines. This is what we had previous to COVID: USPS, Fed Ex, & UPS deliver weekdays only.

Directions To Camp

Camp Winnarainbow is in the forests of Mendocino County, approximately a three hour drive north of San Francisco, California on Highway 101. The nearest town is Laytonville, California.

Our physical address is: 50350 N Hwy 101, Laytonville, CA 95454

Driving north from the San Francisco Bay area: Plan on an approximately three–hour drive north on Highway 101. We are located directly off of Highway 101, five miles north of Laytonville, California at highway marker 74.50. On the left, you will see a sign for Camp Winnarainbow and that is our driveway. Signs will lead you to the Camp parking and registration area. Please call or email if you need more detailed directions. Additionally, clicking on the directions link on the map below will get you navigation or turn by turn directions from Google.

Driving south from Eureka: Expect an approximately three–hour drive south on Highway 101. We are located directly off of Highway 101, 22 miles south of Leggett, California at highway marker 74.50. On the right is our driveway, although it is hard to see the sign coming from the north, so keep your eyes out for the highway markers. If you reach downtown Laytonville, you have gone too far. Once on our driveway, signs will lead you to the Camp parking and registration area. Please call or email if you need more detailed directions.  Additionally, clicking on the directions link on the map below will get you navigation or turn by turn directions from Google.

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