Packing List

Camp Stuff

  • Soft luggage is best for tipi living
  • Warm sleeping bag (it gets cold at night)
  • Pillow
  • 2 towels (one for showering, one for swimming)
  • Bag for dirty laundry
  • Flashlight (w/extra batteries)
  • Refillable Water Bottle (very important!)
  • Toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, deodorant, hairbrush, hair ties, shampoo & conditioner, lotion, feminine hygiene products, etc.)
  • Toiletry bag, or large ziplock for above items to carry to the shower/bathroom
  • Sunblock
  • Chapstick
  • Insect repellant
  • A book, a deck of cards, or anything else you might like for afternoon free time


  • Shorts, t-shirts, tank tops & casual clothing appropriate for hot days
  • Warm clothes, including long pants, long sleeves & a jacket, sweatshirt or sweater for cool evenings.
  • A warm hat (especially for Sessions A and B, when it can get cold!)
  • Stilt class requires long pants and closed toed shoes. Aerials require leggings. Unicycle class requires close-toed shoes.
  • Warm pajamas
  • Socks & underwear for every day of the session for your camper
  • Swimwear for the Lake
  • Sun protection (glasses, hat, protective swimwear, sunscreen, etc.)
  • Two sets of footwear. A pair of sandals & a pair of closed toed shoes is ideal (send at least one set of closed-toed, sturdy shoes for stilting & unicycling).
  • A raincoat just in case!

What NOT to Bring

  • No food items. We are living in the woods and there are animals that really like food. Camp provides 3 robust meals, snacks, you can leave money for your camper to buy snacks from the store and if you camper is hungry we will feed them any time. Do not pack any extra food in luggage because this puts everyone in the tipi’s in danger.
  • Matches, fireworks or explosives.
  • Pocket knives or weapons of any kind, even toys that look like weapons.
  • Campers do not need any money while at Camp. You can leave money in their store account at drop off and we will handle this.
  • Cell phones or valuable electronics. We encourage kids to unplug from their devices at Camp. Campers are allowed to use phones as cameras and to play music, but they must remain on airplane mode or to have their SIM card removed by you. Music must have lyrics appropriate for campers of all ages.
  • Valuable items, such as jewelry, collections, etc.
  • Cigarettes, alcohol, & drugs are strongly prohibited. This applies to family members as well when on Camp property.
  • Please do not bring bikes, skate boards, etc.