Health & Safety

Medical Dome & Staff

Our Medical Dome is centrally located in Camp, and there is at least one trained and certified Medical Staff (RN, Nurse Practitioner, MD) on site 24-hours a day while camp is in session. 

The Medical Dome provides routine health and wellness services, including access to sunscreen, Band-Aids, Vaseline, Q-tips, etc. for campers to provide their own self-care. 

The Medical Staff dispense prescribed and over-the-counter medications according to the instructions that are on the medication bottle.

We do not provide medical treatments or perform medical procedures at Camp. When necessary, we transport campers to the local clinic or dentist, to the hospital or ER – all in consultation with camper caregivers.

COVID-19 Policies

All campers and staff are required to be fully vaccinated and boosted against COVID-19 prior to arriving at Camp. We highly recommend the most recent vaccine, but will accept the primary series plus a booster. We will accept medical exemption requests to be reviewed by our Health & Safety Comittee.

Click here for ACA Camp specific COVID Information

Vaccination Information Resources:

COVID-19 vaccines are free for everyone regardless of insurance or immigration status!

If your camper is not yet vaccinated:

  1. Contact your local pharmacy for an appointment
  2. Speak to your child’s healthcare provider or school district; some schools are offering on-site vaccine clinics.
  3. Go to or to find a vaccination appointment near you. (You can also call Myturn at: 833-422-4255, they offer translation services in multiple languages.) 

If you still have concerns about vaccinating your child:

  1. Speak to your child’s medical provider.
  2. Frequently Asked Questions From Parents/Guardians
  3. COVID-19 Vaccines: What Parents Need to Know
  4. COVID-19 Vaccine Myths and Facts
  5. First 5 California’s COVID Vaccine Resources

Safety & Mental Health

We are pleased to offer focused safety strategies for campers’ physical and mental well-being. 

The vast majority of our counselors are certified in first aid and CPR. There are first-aid kits in each tipi and in the Medical Done. All of our circus skills instructors are experienced in teaching skills to children and employ appropriate and certified safety techniques. Staff are trained to keep all Campers safe during any emergency, and CWR’s emergency plans  are updated annually. Our waterfront has a Waterfront Director and at least four certified lifeguards on duty at all times that the lake is open. Camp Administrators attend local emergency preparedness meetings to coordinate plans with local authorities.

All of our circus skills instructors are experienced in teaching skills to children and employ appropriate and certified safety techniques. Safety guidelines and camper/staff supervision ratios have been established for all areas of camp including the lake as well as other special activities (such as  stilts, gymnastics, trapeze, cloud-swing, Spanish Web,  martial arts, unicycle, wrist rockets, etc.). All teachers as well as the Performance Coordinators will monitor classes being taught. Safety guidelines must be strictly enforced with no exceptions. Specialized activities must always be done with supervision of an Adult Staff member authorized to lead that activity. 

In addition to physical care we offer mental health support through our everyday focus on inclusion. Each session we have trained Camper Advocates, whose role is to support staff who are caring for high needs campers. Camper Advocates are supervised by and work closely with the Director to achieve successful and positive camp experiences. 

If you have questions about how your camper’s needs would be supported at Winnarainbow, please call the office to speak with the Director prior to arriving at Camp.

Restorative Process

The Camp Winnarainbow community uses restorative community practices to engage staff and campers in healing approaches to conflict and harm. Conflict on any level is inevitable when we work and live together. Camp is a community that strives to include all people from all walks of life, identities, socio-economic status, cultural and racial backgrounds in an equitable way. Restorative practices teach holistic skills to resolve differences and guide us to take responsibility and be accountable for our actions, in relation to our community and environment.

Restorative processes value healing and growth by attending to the needs and wishes of those harmed, and by providing an opportunity for individuals to take responsibility for behavior. All of our staff are trained in conflict mediation and actively work to support all Campers’ needs before challenges might arise. Our framework of Camper support comes from skilled social workers, years of experience working with Campers, detailed staff training, and ACA guidelines.