Mission & Philosophy

For over 40 years, kids, teens and adults have run away to join our circus in beautiful Mendocino County. Drawing from our knowledge of the Arts as well as how to build strong community, our well trained staff teaches timing, balance and as Wavy Gravy says, “Survival in the 21st century or how to duck with a sense of humor and a dollop of compassion. Which kids can then take this into their lives and assist them forever.”

Wavy goes on to explain, “Kids from every walk of life come together and make a kind of a universal whole at Camp. Everybody gets something from each other and we end up being a community together and filled with love. And wonder.”

At the heart of our philosophy is a desire to celebrate our Diversity and use everything we learn and create together to grow as Universal Human Beings. With the skills and community we gain at Camp we are able to change the World.