Mission & Philosophy


Camp Winnarainbow creates a joyful environment where children from all backgrounds develop community, self-confidence, and artistry through circus and performing arts.


We inspire children to use compassion and humor to become engaged, resilient leaders who create positive change in their lives and the lives of others.

Our Values

Belonging & Community

Camp Winnarainbow strives to provide a safe space of belonging for children from all communities. Many of the strengths of our program are brought to us by brilliant Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian American, Pacific Islander, Queer, and Trans community members. We view equity and anti-racism as an ongoing journey for our community, staff, and leadership.

Creative Expression & Youth Voice

“The Show-Show & The Life Show” — We believe that the performing arts and creative expression offer a safe testing ground for skills that serve young people throughout the rest of their lives. Our philosophy emphasizes taking risks in a physically and emotionally safe environment (“The Show-Show”), to prepare campers with the voice, confidence and agility to navigate the complexity of their daily lives (“The Life Show”).

Love & Empathy

We believe in “three tries in the circus.” Working through mistakes and challenges in an accepting, loving environment builds resilience and empathy. Using community tools like check-ins, tipi-time, and restorative justice circles, we encourage children and adults to weave webs of connection that can withstand and repair mistakes, harm, and conflict.

Humor & Big Fun

Camp Winnarainbow uses humor and joy to build community and tell our stories. Our well-trained staff teaches timing, balance, and, as founder Wavy Gravy says, “Survival in the 21st century, or, how to duck with a sense of humor and a dollop of compassion.” We believe that laughter is a great connector, and that all children deserve to have big fun.