Schedule of the Day

8:30 am – Let’s Go Cocoa!

Campers are awakened by the conch & can go to the kitchen for hot cocoa. If a camper wakes up earlier, there are staff who help them make their way quietly to the kitchen where there are games, conversation, & cocoa.

8:50 am – Breakfast Circle

We start every day recounting our wild dreams, comparing crazy bed-head hair, and singing camp songs!

9:00 am – BREAKFAST

9:30 am – Tipi Clean Up

9:45 am – Morning Reading

Wavy Gravy (and other guest readers) regale the kids with selections from readings such as the Dr. Seuss, Naruda’s poetry, & The Paper Bag Princess.

10:10 am – Warm Ups

Campers have three choices of warm up activities to get ready for an active day! When we gather back at the theatre we do vocal warm ups & breathing exercises (important for any performer).

10:30 am – Class #1

Juggling, stilting, Shakespeare, oh my! Campers never know what they’ll fall in love with until they try! 2 class periods offer campers amazing new experiences as well as opportunities to practice their skills.

11:30 am – Class #2

12:30 pm – Showtime & Afternoon Activity Announcements

Campers gather back at the theater for a quick “showtime” to show what they are learning and for the rest of camp to see what they might experience if they attend a new class.

12:45 pm – Tipi Check-In

Hang out and bond with your tipi over fun games or share what you learned in class and make plans for the afternoon!

1:00 pm – LUNCH

1:30 pm – Free Time!!

Campers are free to join the many activities that are happening throughout camp, hang out with friends, or head to the Lake to swim! Afternoon Activities may include art projects, stream walks, ping pong, chess, knitting, gymnastics, fun at the creek, dressing up at the costume barn, letter writing, unicycling, stilts, aerials, & much much more.

5:45 pm – Tipi Check-In

Campers connect back in with their counselors and tipi community about their day.

6:00 pm – Dinner Circle

Songs, lake announcements, appreciations, random acts of theatre…anything & everything happens at dinner circle where our community gathers together to celebrate the day & hear about the evening activities.

6:30 pm – DINNER

7:00 pm – After Dinner Free Time

This time is often used to prepare for the evening program – whether it’s getting props ready for the Tornado of Talent, picking out a costume for the Dance Party, tying up stilts for the Cabaret, or trying to guess who the guest performer is going to be! There’s also after dinner sports, juggling, Camper Clubhouse, & more.

8:00 pm – Evening Program

Every night there’s a different Evening Program, ranging from the Tornado of Talent to Adventure Night to the Costume Dance Party.

Around 10 pm – Bedtime

Brush ‘em if you got ‘em!  Counselors help campers get ready for bed and finish the day with stories, songs, and quiet tipi time.